Irish Examiner: Joanne Hession Gives Her Take on “Golfgate”

An article published this week by the Irish Examiner will be of particular interest to the LIFT Ireland community.

Joanne Hession, who founded LIFT Ireland along with Sonya Lennon and David Hession, posted an opinion piece, which was published by the Irish Examiner. Joanne’s article was written in response to the Oireachtas “golfgate” incident which led to the resignation of a number of high-profile politicians. 

As the founder of an initiative promoting positive leadership change in Ireland, Joanne felt compelled to share her thoughts.

Ireland is a great country, with great people. We are among the world’s best in terms of quality of life, environmental quality, safety and education. We have a wonderful history, arts and culture, and a great reputation abroad.
Ireland is a country to be so proud of. But… there is something not right on our island.” 

We are incredibly proud of Joanne for putting together this wonderful, thought-provoking piece that not only challenged the leaders of our country but also the way that we, as a society, view leadership. She questioned why we’ve seen scandal after scandal and why we seem to revel in the controversy. 

At various times over the past week, I’ve tuned into the Liveline radio programme.
Early last week, callers were furiously demanding Phil Hogan’s resignation. By the end of the week — once the resignation had occurred — callers were bemoaning that a ‘good man’ had been ‘hounded’ out of office.

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