Over the last six months, the Leading Ireland’s Future Together team has trained over 200 people to host and facilitate their own Roundtable group, beginning the process of ‘Living LIFT’.  The Roundtable process is at the heart of the LIFT vision of building a better Ireland, building self-awareness of the attributes that good leaders are more likely to have.  They enable us to learn throughout the eight-week process with each trained host participating alongside colleagues, friends and family, team-mates or other people in a self-development process focused on leadership values.

As 2018 draws to a close, our first Roundtables have finished, and we thought we’d share with you some of the feedback we’ve been getting from both facilitators and participants.  We’ve been blown-away by the overwhelmingly positive comments.

Feedback ranges from “We have become a closer team.”, to “I am more aware of the decisions I’m making and why.”, to “I’m more confident in myself and have built stronger relationships.”, and “I have listened more to people without wanting to answer.”

Our Roundtables

Finally, we asked for one word to describe the experience of participating in a LIFT Roundtable.  Here’s what some of our participants have said so far.



If you’d like to become a LIFT Facilitator or joining a Roundtable, you can email us at info@liftireland.ie for more information.