What is LIFT ?

LIFT stands for Leading Ireland’s Future Together.  We all recognise that good leadership is important, whether we are at home, in school, at work or involved in Government and politics.  Our aim at LIFT is to create better leaders in Ireland and make our country the best place it can be.

We will achieve this by bringing people together from across the country, starting in May 2018, to talk about eight values that the people of Ireland have chosen as being most important for a good leader to display.  Already, we have a network of over 200 volunteers who are going to meet with colleagues and peers: across their companies, with their community organisation or with family and friends about how to bring those values to the fore in everyday life and decision-making. We aim to double this network of volunteers by the end of the year and to continue to grow so that over the ten year period between 2018-2028, almost half a million people will have taken part in this initiative.

Initial LIFT Leadership Values Themes

In early 2018, we undertook an initial survey in association with Coyne Research, to ask a nationally representative sample of the people of Ireland what leadership attributes and values they believe are most in need of development in Ireland. We then looked at the attributes considered most important for leadership and through our research the following 8 initial LIFT Leadership Values Themes emerged:

Honesty & Integrity

Having integrity means that we act and speak in a manner consistent with our principles and that we respond to situations honestly and courageously. Being transparent helps to develop trust.

Empathy & Understanding

Empathy and understanding mean listening to other viewpoints, motivations and perspectives and having a commitment to the betterment of others. This leads to improved organisations and communities.


Showing the proper respect validates the dignity of others and at the same time enhances our own. Being respectful of the views and opinions of others (while recognising our boundaries) allows for the expression of differing perspectives.


Accountability means both taking public and private responsibility for one’s own actions and additionally being willing to hold others to account for their actions and behaviours. It enables high levels of performance and ensures that standards are maintained.


Competent people take pride in their performance and continually examine their activities with a view to improvement. It does not accept poor performance.

Positive Attitude

Having a positive mental attitude allows people to motivate others; look for creative solutions; overcome obstacles; and deal with setbacks.


Listening with an open mind allows us to learn. It also shows respect to the experience and perspectives of others, providing a means for resolving conflict and solving problems.

Dedication & Determination

Achievement often requires hard work and can sometimes be difficult. Approaching tasks and situations with a mind-set of determination and dedication often leads to results that cannot be achieved without it. It can also lead to additional satisfaction and the respect of others.

Get involved

LIFT is for everyone.  Being a leader isn’t just about having a title, being the CEO, the Captain or the Manager.  All of us are leaders and can set an example in terms of how we behave and how we demand others behave.  Whether you are a company, a community sports club, an organisation or individual who believes passionately in the power to achieve change, we’d love to hear from you so you can elevate our country’s value based leadership qualities.

If you would like to have your voice heard on the leadership values that are important to you, complete our LIFT Values Survey.

Friends of LiFT

We have the official backing and support in excess of 75 organisations and individuals, from across all sectors of Irish society – ranging from Munster Rugby and the GAA; to the Teaching Council; the Peter McVerry Trust; IBEC; the Junior Chambers of Commerce; the Immigrant Council; the Irish Girl Guide movement; Mobility Mojo and many more. Each of these Friends has made a commitment to LIFT, to participate in the training process and to facilitate further discussion on values among their organisation.

Our first training event which will run on June 29th, will enable 100+ volunteers, made up from Friends and Founders, begin the process. They will in turn sign up to undertake 4/5 of their own facilitation sessions over a two year period.

Founding Partners

In May 2018, our Inaugural Founding Partners attended the launch of LIFT OFF to make this initiative happen. This ambitious programme wouldn’t have started without them and we are delighted to have their support.

LIFT Off – Event

9th May 2018 | Burlington Hotel

To launch the movement 20 leaders and their teams will be invited to a private audience with Dr John Maxwell, internationally renowned expert in Leadership and #1 New York Times bestselling leadership author. This is an event affording Irish leaders access to John Maxwell, the Leader of Leaders, on his inaugural visit to Ireland. Prepare to be challenged, educated and inspired to grow your leadership.


“I am honoured that my first speaking trip to Ireland allows me to be a part of the official launch of LIFT. To watch a group of people come together with a view toward creating a shared vision of its own future and a common understanding of what leadership means to it, is truly exciting. I look forward to being a part of LIFTing Ireland.” John C Maxwell