Becoming a LIFT Facilitator

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can be a Facilitator?

Everyone! We welcome all those who are interested in building leadership values in their own lives and the lives around them. If you want to bring the programme to your organisation, community, business, team or family there is space for you here. At LIFT Ireland we believe everyone is a leader.

Do I need any qualifications?

No qualifications needed. All we ask is you bring a positive attitude and follow the process. A proficient level of English is needed to fully engage with the programme. We recommend it for people 14 years and older.

How does the programme run?

Come to our facilitator training and we’ll walk you through the whole process! It is simple yet invaluable to learn the process with the experts. Here we will iron out any queries you may have while also building a network of support with other facilitators as well as the LIFT team.

What does training involve?

The LIFT initiative is a self-reflective, value-based programme. We will explore Ireland’s top 8 leadership attributes and practice 3 of them. We will then show you the 5 step process for running a round table in your community. 

Does it cost anything?

Facilitator training is free. For non-profits, charities and schools we offer the LIFT programme for free. If you are a facilitator representing a profit-making business we ask for a contribution when you bring the programme back to your team. We have guidelines depending on the size of your organisation. This contribution allows us to continue to provide this service to communities that wouldn’t be able to afford it otherwise.

How long does it take?

The facilitator training takes no longer than 5-6 hours depending on the size of the group we are training. Once you are trained, a round table session only takes 30-40 minutes a week. Our programme is designed to run for 8 weeks.

When and where are the facilitator trainings?

We have a number of training events happening every week in different locations around Ireland and online via zoom. Click here to view these dates and book onto  an upcoming event. If you have a group of more than 25 people who would like to be trained as facilitators we can organise an event for you. Please contact us.

Why is it worthwhile being a facilitator?

By becoming a facilitator you become a force for positive change in your community. It’s a simple yet profound initiative that promotes personal and community development. You receive a certificate at training and you learn how to bring out the best in a group.

What does LIFT do for my community?

You are providing a non-judgemental space for people to be heard and to reflect on their values. LIFT round tables build trust, relationships and communities. Personal and organisational values are strengthened in this proven systematic approach.

Do I get any support from LIFT?

We provide you with all the materials you need to run a round table. We also welcome you to the LIFT community through annual events, social media platforms, newsletters and offering support wherever needed.

What is LIFT Ireland?

LIFT Ireland is a not-for-profit, nationwide initiative. It is a social enterprise working to raise the level of leadership in Ireland. It improves Irish society, by discussing value-based leadership themes together with friends, co-workers and family.

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