At LIFT Ireland, we want to help build a nation of positive leaders. Our goal is that, within 10 years, 10% of the population will have partaken in LIFT’s leadership learning process. Building a nation of leaders starts in our homes, schools, communities and sports clubs and goes all the way to our businesses and governing bodies.

Students across the country are already experiencing the benefits of LIFT. Many teenagers have used LIFT to develop skills, build strong leadership habits, become more responsible members of their communities and grow confidence.

One such student is Eimear, an inspirational transitional student who recently started work experience with LIFT Ireland. We asked her if she would share her thoughts on leadership, her experience with LIFT Ireland and what it means to be ‘living lift’.

Below, in her own words, is her LIFT story. We hope you enjoy it.  

Eimear’s TY Experience – LIFT Youth

My name is Eimear O’Neill. I’m a TY student in Confey College, Leixlip and also an intern here at LIFT Ireland!

Before becoming an intern, I wondered what I would be doing as I hadn’t done anything like this before. I was definitely a bit nervous at the start. On the 26th of July, I attended a facilitator training in a building beside Merrion Square. This is where my journey started I suppose.

“My Best Moment With LIFT Ireland”

My best moment with LIFT Ireland so far would definitely be the Zeminar event that took place in October. Myself and my five friends got to man the LIFT stand on the three days and we prepared everything for it too. For example we decided what everyone’s job was on the day to attract people to the stand, we planned what we would have at the stand, and I was also lucky enough to help create LIFT t-shirts that we all wore throughout the three days. It was a great experience for my friends and I.  It benefited us in many different ways, for me it was a real confidence boost.

LIFT has impacted my life in quite a few ways. When you read through the eight themes, you begin to realise how much better you could be approaching these aspects of life. It makes you start to really reflect on how you act in different situations. For example, my phone habit. I’m one to be always playing with my phone. However, because I’ve started to implement  LIFT’s values into my life, I’ve started to put my phone down when I’m in a room, or in a conversation, with others. I do this so I won’t be disrespectful towards them. It also helps me to really listen and understand what they are saying.  

“The Future Needs Confident Leaders”

I believe that LIFT is important for teenagers because we are the future. And the future needs confident leaders across the country and world. If we learn from a young age what it takes to be a good leader and how to make our country a better place, we can definitely change the future for the better.

Teenagers tend to act out without thinking. LIFT can change this as it teaches us aspects of life that we wouldn’t have otherwise taken into consideration. Well that’s how I think of it anyway.

I think the way LIFT roundtables are set up is really good. The small groups are nice because it makes you feel more comfortable than if you were doing it in front of a lot of people. I haven’t started a roundtable myself but I will be doing one very soon. A group of my friends and I will start doing them together in school. Then, in the New Year, we will facilitate roundtables for the 2nd years.  

The LIFT Theme That Means the Most to me

The theme ‘Positive Attitude’ means the most to me. This theme has had a huge impact on my life since doing the week of positive attitude in the facilitator training. There are situations that, in the past, I wouldn’t normally be happy about. But now I go into with a positive mindset. For example, I play the piano and have been playing since I was about 8 years old. As I improve I move onto higher grades. I am now on grade six of eight. I found it hard to play the pieces and resented going to lessons each week. I would go to practice but not with a good attitude. I now approach the piano with enthusiasm to improve.

The Leader I Most Admire

I’ve always admired Mary Robinson, mostly because she was the first woman president of Ireland. After leaving the United Nations she formed the Ethical Globalization Initiative and later set up the Mary Robinson Foundation for climate justice. I thought this very inspiring. She was a leader, and that means I could be too if I worked hard and put my mind on it.

Becoming a Leader

I will definitely use what I’ve learned from LIFT in the future in terms of a job and day to day interactions with people. I will approach new things positively and with an open mind. I could even start my own business if I wanted to.  That is why I think LIFT is important in Ireland. Everyone is a leader but not everyone knows that. LIFT helps people realise that they are capable of anything and can change the world for the better.



You are never too young or old to make a change in your life. What will you do with the precious time that’s been given to you?

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