LIFT is a natural fit for our company with simplicity and a focus on improving the world at the heart of it

We asked LIFT partner Mobility Mojo about the value of LIFT for their organisation. Before we get into that however, let’s get up to speed on Mobility Mojo’s story. We’re extremely proud to partner with this award-winning organisation.

“We’re here to open the world to everyone” says CEO Stephen Cluskey.

As technology transforms how we travel, Mobility Mojo is here to ensure that accessibility is part of the journey. Their mission is to be the most positive and effective agent of change in hotel accessibility, working hard to open the world to everyone. Their vision is to live in an accessible world built on positivity, openness and understanding. Watch Mobility Mojo’s mission video here.

Despite living in the most information rich time in history, we still face a world in which more than 500 million people choose not to travel – because of a lack of information on accessibility. Mobility Mojo want to solve that problem.

They are revolutionising accessible travel for millions of people, giving everybody the confidence to go where they want to.

Mobility Mojo’s dynamic team consists of accessibility and hospitality experts, cutting edge developers, and customer-focused sales and support. They share their experience of LIFT below.

What Mobility Mojo Love About LIFT

We did LIFT over the last 8 weeks of 2020 and it was extremely beneficial to our team. LIFT helped us put things in perspective and allows all of us to grow and appreciate each other’s qualities and strengths. We learned a lot about ourselves as individuals and about our teammates, I found it very positive, respectful and encouraging, the valuable lessons we all learned from doing Lift stays with us.

I appreciated the insight into my team members thinking and mindset.

My biggest personal takeaway from the roundtables was a strong sense of connection with our team on a human level. LIFT asks us to think about how we behave towards one another, and to continue thinking about the various aspects throughout each week, this is something that once you’ve done it, it stays with you and it’s a positive thing.

The most valuable part of the LIFT process was its simplicity.

The ability to do the training virtually was invaluable during the Covid-19 Pandemic. It allowed us to focus on connecting with our employees while adding a focus on continuing professional development which is a key element of our company culture.

We did our LIFT session virtually due to Covid-19 and it was an excellent way to reconnect and check in with our team members after such a difficult year. It was also a great opportunity to get to know each other on a deeper level and develop a greater understanding of our working styles and how we fit well together as a team.

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