Online Leadership Sessions 

A LIFT online leadership session (also called a roundtable) is a space where we work through a proven process to think about leadership values, what they mean to us and how we could strengthen them. We do this by connecting a small group through Zoom and working through a LIFT leadership trait such as Positive Attitude, Determination, or Resilience.

We are running sessions everyday, six times a day and we’re continuously adding more sessions to keep up with demand. Pick a day and time which suits you. Just one session a week will build your leadership muscle. To join simply click the button below and choose a day.

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Everyone is welcome! Whether you’re a business owner aiming to increase employee engagement and productivity or a parent striving to connect the family and build harmony in the home. Each of us is a potential leader and can grow these skills on our LIFT roundtables. 

LIFT is essential for organisations as the research clearly displays that organisations with strong leadership values perform better. They respond better to crises and bounce back more quickly. (Kiels, 2015; Ivey Business School, 2009). CEO of Digicom, Greg Clark recommends “that all organisations consider living LIFT. It is powerful in its simplicity and the return on time and financial investment is unquestionable”. LIFT online roundtables help organisations build character and leadership in their teams. This leads to increased employee engagement, collaboration and productivity. 

LIFT is equally vital for individuals, communities and families. 90% of LIFT participants say that LIFT works in focusing them on values such as Positive Attitude, Innovation and Empathy, especially in challenging times.

We’re better as a team. We’ve better empathy for each other, we’ve better understanding for each other….The team just feels happier, more content. It doesn’t feel as stressful…there are absolute benefits to RSA as we’ve seen it…We are honest about what we tolerate and what we won’t and we’ve become less tolerant of bad behaviour.

Amanda Johnson
Director of People Success & Partner Services at RSA
Frequently Asked Questions

How long does an online roundtable take?

Between 30 and 50 minutes depending on the LIFT theme and the group size.

What are the LIFT Values it’s based on?

LIFT’s 8 leadership values were identified through national and independently-run surveys. Check them out here. The Irish population were asked to list the leadership attributes they felt our country needed to develop most. We’ve also created Innovation & Resilience values specifically for the current climate.

Does it cost anything?

No, our online roundtables are free. We run an honesty box system where by organisations who are able to make a contribution do, this supports us to run the programme freely for those who are unable. To make a contribution please contact

How are online roundtables different to a normal roundtables?

We cover the same material and use the same process. However, we use Zoom to connect people rather than in person. We use screen-share to show the LIFT values instead of physical copies. We have also created specific values relevant to the current climate such as Resilience and Innovation

What is LIFT Ireland?

LIFT Ireland is a not-for-profit, nationwide initiative. It is a voluntary association of individuals and groups working together to raise the level of leadership in Ireland. It improves Irish society by discussing value-based leadership themes together with friends, co-workers and family.

Why leadership and why now?

‘When this virus ends, which of course it will, who will be the people that we talk about with respect and gratitude for the way that they handled things?…’ Read more of LIFT Co-founder, David’s blog here.

Other Ways to Get Involved

Volunteer to run a LIFT roundtable

We are increasing our capacity with the support of some incredible facilitators so that LIFT can reach as many people as possible. If you are a LIFT trained facilitator and would like to volunteer to run online LIFT roundtables please email

Run a roundtables with your own community

If you are a trained facilitator you can also run online roundtables with your own community. If you are interested please email and we will send you all the necessary tools.

Being part of a network that facilitates such positivity enables me to understand my reactions to the current situation and learn to lead personally and prepare for business recovery’

LIFT Particpant

I am watching real change, due to the empowerment of the LIFT programme and the shift in attitude of the SOLAS organisation. I KNOW the LIFT work will be vital in our culture going forward, go forth and conquer, we are just thrilled to be a part of the journey!!

Moira Walsh
Director of Organisational Development SOLAS

In this time of uncertainty I wanted to connect with a group of people that are leading a drive to shift consciousness, behaviour and awareness. I also wanted to take the time to self-introspect and connect with other people who are making changes

LIFT Participant

LIFT Facilitator and business owner Karen has been running three weekly online roundtables for her network. She shares why LIFT is imperative in the current climate and the difference roundtables have made in her life and the lives of others.

Read Karen's Story